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5 Self-Care Tips to Start NOW

The holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the time of the year that wreaks the most havoc on our bodies. From rich party food, cocktails and late nights, to the stress of finding the perfect gift or hosting a family dinner for 20, the holidays can really do a number on you. Not to worry! We’ve rounded up 5 self-care tips to start today as you recover from the holiday season and start the new year off right!

  1. Keep things moving – Yes, we know you were busier than ever during the holidays and it was easy to give yourself time off from exercise in the name of holiday spirit. It’s time to jump start your exercise routine again! By doing this, it will not only help you burn the extra calories from the eggnog, it also releases serotonin in your body helping reduce stress, improve your mood, and just plain make you feel better!
  1. Get your snooze on – Losing sleep in general can do a lot of damage to our emotional and physical health. If you stayed up to 2 am stuffing the turkey or baking cookies, it is time for you to catch up on that sleep! Being rested is the best gift you can give your body for the New Year.
  1. Cut back on the sweet treats – We love holiday cookies, candies, and all the other holiday delights we wait all year to indulge in. Start to limit your consumption of rich holiday fare as we head into the new year. Not only to avoid adding extra holiday pounds, but to avoid the heartburn and indigestion that comes with over-indulging. Enjoy – but in moderation from here on out.
  1. Load up on hydration – In two ways. One – keep your skin hydrated during this time of year when the dry, cooler air can do a number on it. Two- hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water. Few things help with battling the effects of too many holiday treats than good old H2O!
  1. Give your skin and hair a little extra care – Cooler and drier air can sap the natural oils in your hair and skin. We mentioned moisturizing but add a few extra steps to your routine like exfoliating before you apply moisturizer to maximize the benefit to your skin. Don’t forget the cooler and drier air can also lead to dry and static-riddled hair. Use a leave-in conditioner or commit to weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair silky for the remainder of the new year

It’s a great time to start doing things that make it a wonderful time of the year – all year round. It’s also a great time to explore a whole new future! If you’ve always had a passion for helping people look and feel good, maybe a career in the beauty industry is right for you! Intrigued? Sunstate Academy is helping students in South Florida get hands-on training in Cosmetology, Spa Therapies, and more. With flexible schedules and 2 campus locations in Fort Myers and Clearwater, Sunstate Academy is here to help you! Contact us today to learn more about our programs or to schedule a tour of a campus near you.