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A Day in The Life of Nail Tech

In a time where everyone cares about self-care, keeping your nail game strong is an essential part of your routine. Finding a nail technician who can not only sort out your nails after your latest DIY project, but also lets you vent about your crazy boss? Yep, you’ll drive across town to sit at that station. But what’s a day in the life of a buffing, filing fingertip artist really like? Read on to take a closer look at these beauty soldiers – armed with a steady hand, an emery board, and the perfect shade of polish!

Typical Duties of a Nail Technician

Clean and pristine

As a nail technician, you’ll typically start your day by making sure your station is clean and fully stocked with all the tools of your trade. One of the most important aspects of a nail tech’s job is to make sure everything that touches the client, or the client touches, is completely sanitized. In fact, proper hygiene and sanitation techniques are a big part of a nail tech’s training.

Face to face customer time

If you enjoy working with people, you’ll get plenty of that as a nail tech. You’ll be greeting and consulting with clients from all walks of life. Some will be new customers, but many will be your regulars. A friendly nail tech with excellent people skills and great listening skills can help build a really successful book of clients.

Money matters

You’ll most likely be processing payments for your services, and if you’re a shop owner and a nail tech, handling various bookkeeping and financial duties.

Giving the people what they want

Your primary duty as a nail tech is helping your clients get the nails they want. The options are as different as your clients. On an ordinary day, you could be doing standard manicures and pedicures, but also applying acrylic nails, fills, 3D nails, and all sorts of nail art. There are always hot new trends popping up like dipped nails, shellac, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about a career that puts your future right at your fingertips, you should check out the program at Sunstate Academy! With a convenient 3-day a week schedule, Sunstate is helping get the hands-on training and skills you need to become a licensed nail tech. Life’s too short to have boring nails or a boring job! Click here or call us today for more information or to schedule a campus tour.