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Graduate Stories

Sunstate Academy graduate Alyssa Douglas

Sunstate prepared me better than any school I have been to. I had a job even before my license came in the mail. They offer everything that you could ever ask for. They set you up for true success if you are willing to put in the work.

Alyssa Douglas

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Jamie Cintron

I recommend Sunstate Academy because you will get the highest level of education in the state of Florida. I mean, second to none, and be happy with everything that you learn and all of the people that you are working with.

Jamie Cintron

Sunstate Grad

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Sunstate Academy graduate Hugo Vargas

Sunstate Academy will get you ready for a great career. I was in business within eight months of graduating Sunstate. They prepared me for how to handle a business, how to be a professional, and how to establish and keep a good working business.

Hugo Vargas

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Ayesha Brock

The atmosphere is dynamic. You come in and the energy is already high and it just makes you jump in. You have to experience it, but it’s a very high energy, fast-paced, cool atmosphere.

Ayesha Brock

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Ashley McCarthy

The faculty and staff at Sunstate Academy are very welcoming and they’re great at what they do. I would also describe the atmosphere as very hip, fun, and laid-back, but professional at the same time.

Ashley McCarthy

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Nathan Hall

I chose Sunstate Academy because of the fact that they’re like family. Right when you walk in they are smiling and happy. It was exactly what I wanted. So I went in and signed right up!

Nathan Hall

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Brittany Wake

I’m a proud Sunstate graduate because Sunstate Academy is a wonderful family of amazing hairdressers and people who have been in the industry for years and years. They gave me a wonderful foundation to be where I am now.

Brittany Wake

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Rachel Flynn

I am proud to be a Sunstate graduate because it gave me the tools to do something I love and make a career out of it. I feel like the training prepared me for my career. Not just the basics, but things that you don’t even think you’re going to run into. It prepares you for all aspects of the industry.

Rachel Flynn

Sunstate Grad

Sunstate Academy graduate Rae Lynne Danenhower

I definitely feel like my education and training at Sunstate Academy prepared me for the work in this industry. The staff and faculty were very caring, awesome people.

Rae-Lynne Danenhower

Sunstate Grad

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