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Career Options as a Cosmetologist

Career Options as a Cosmetologist

Have you always wanted to work in cosmetology but don’t necessarily love the idea of spending every day in the salon? Well, you’re in luck! Because a career in cosmetology doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. It’s a career path with options, and the best part? YOU get to decide what to do with your cosmetology education. To help you find the right fit for your future, we’ve rounded up some cosmetology careers that just might surprise you.

First things first, as a cosmetologist, you are already multi-faceted. After all, you don’t just learn how to do hair in cosmetology school. You get trained in skincare, makeup techniques, and even nail art! A cosmetologist is a well-rounded beauty professional with a diverse skill set. Diverse skills mean diverse opportunities for where to apply those skills.

Event Stylist

If the idea of being a part of some of the biggest days in people’s lives sounds rewarding, this might be the gig for you. For weddings, proms, holiday parties, people want to look their best and you get to be the one who helps them pull it off. You’re surely not going to be bored when you’re transforming the bride for a sunset wedding on the beach one day and creating prom queen looks to die for the next.

Salon Owner

Just because you have the skills to create signature looks doesn’t mean you have to spend your life doing it. Your cosmetology education doesn’t limit you. If you’ve got a flair for business and like to be the one giving the orders, running your own salon could be just the ticket.

Fashion/ Editorial Stylist

Runway and fashion mag models don’t do their own hair and makeup. They rely on the talents of skilled cosmetologists to get them runway or camera-ready. How cool would it be to see that signature look that you created on the cover of Vogue or Cosmo?

Beauty Brand Representative

Could you sell ice to an Eskimo? Well, if you’ve got powers of persuasion, becoming a beauty brand rep could really show off your skills, plus you’ll get to meet a ton of like-minded beauty professionals who share your passion for all things style and beauty.

Cruise Line Stylist

Does traveling to exotic locations on the regular strike your fancy? Imagine working on the equivalent of a floating resort where your clients are all in an amazing mood because guess what? They’re on vacation!

Cosmetology Instructor

What could be better than helping train the next generation of talented beauty artists? Talk about rewarding!

Beauty Blogger

Do you have a way with words and know all the latest trends? You could be the next big thing in beauty blogging. Keeping up with the latest beauty trends and sharing them with the world is not a bad way to earn a living.

The beauty industry is made up of so much more than hair and makeup. It’s an ever-changing world full of talented artists who have opportunities to turn their passion into a living. If you’d like to learn more about a career in Cosmetology, check out the programs at Sunstate Academy. With a flexible schedule and a caring, supportive faculty, Sunstate is a great place to start your future in the beauty industry. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a campus tour.