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Top 3 Tips Best Self Tan

Top 3 Tips to Have the Best Self Tan

Most people would agree that a good tan is a great accessory. However, achieving a tan the old-fashioned way, can really do a number on your skin. Yes, you can still get tan when you use sunscreen (and you should), if you’re patient. But for those of us who want the instant gratification of a gloriously golden glow without the potential damage to your skin from the sun, self-tanner is a great and quick alternative. Before you dive into the…

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Cool Hairstlyes for Spring

Cool Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try This Spring

Are you ready to read about the cool hairstyles that you’ll want to try this spring? Let’s be serious for a second, is there a better hair season than spring? It’s true! Spring is a time of rebirth, meaning the rebirth of a hot new look! Check out some of our picks for the coolest hairstyles getting ready to be in full bloom this spring. Pretty little pixie If you’re bold enough to go short, a pixie cut is more…

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a woman's manicure to press-on or not to press-on

To Press On Or Not To Press On

To press-on or not press-on, that is the question. It’s safe to say that the invention of acrylic, gel, and dipping powder has made it possible for anyone and everyone to achieve the perfect set of nails for any occasion. But when you need a quick fix or are pressed for time, the press-on nails of today can be a great alternative! Press-on nails used to get a bad rap. You know, the ones where the nails were never the…

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cooler weather skin defenders

Cooler Weather Skin Defenders

Cooler weather is on its way to Florida and with it comes the holidays, bonfires and sweater weather! It also brings the one thing we could all do without, winter skin! The cooler air and low humidity really do a number on our skin. Sometimes, trying to fight it makes the problem worse! We’re talking redness, breakouts and dry flaky skin. It’s like the perfect storm of skin nightmares. Fortunately, we came up with some tips on how to defend…

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New Year, New Hair?

New Year, New Hair?

As the new year approaches, what better time to contemplate a big change to your hair? And why not? There’s something about seeing one year in the rear-view mirror that inspires us to find a whole new look for what’s to come! If you’re toying with the idea of a new year, new “do”, you’re not alone. So, as you ponder what hairstyle you want to rock for the next 365 days, check out a few of our favorites. Color-blocked…

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At home lip scrubs

At Home Lip Scrubs

Say goodbye to chapped lips this winter with an at-home lip scrub. If you’re a fan of self-care and radiant skin, exfoliating is probably not a new concept for you. What might be less obvious is the importance of exfoliating your lips during your skincare regimen. After all, even the most perfect pout can suffer as a result of the sometimes cooler weather of fall and winter. It doesn’t have to be a hassle to keep your lips smooth all…

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Summer complexion woman Perfect fall looks for every skin tone

The Perfect Fall Look for Any Skin Tone

Are you having trouble finding that perfect fall look for your skin tone? Fall brings not only the cooler air, it also brings another opportunity to rock a cool new look! If you’re a die-hard fan of pumpkin spice and crunchy leaves, you are definitely not alone. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got some tips on how to achieve your perfect fall look, no matter what kind of skin you’re in! Understand the undertones Just because it’s fall, doesn’t…

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Bangs A trend of the past

Bangs – A Trend of the Past or Trending?

Have you found yourself wondering if bangs are a trend of the past, or if they’re still trending? You’re not alone. There are hairstyles that come and go, hairstyles we wish would go, and hairstyles that just keep coming back. With so many options to choose from on this timeless classic, how do you know where to start? If you’ve been contemplating changing up your hairstyle, check out our top 5 picks for what’s hot and what’s not in the…

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How to Grow Your Social Media Beauty Page

Digital technology, social media, and audience engagement are key parts of today’s business landscape when growing your social media beauty page. These days, tweets, posts, followers, and shares are not just social in nature, they are essential tools for building your brand and your business. With all these great tools comes even fiercer competition, particularly in the beauty industry, where standing out is key but also challenging. To help you slay the competition and gain more followers than the next…

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5 tricks for growing your hair

5 Tricks for Growing Your Hair

If you’ve always had a hard time growing your hair out long enough to the point that it screams Disney princess and can’t seem to get your hair to cooperate, we feel your pain. Maybe you’re having serious post-cut remorse after your bestie persuaded you how “freaking amazing” you’d look in a pixie cut. Then you looked, and not so much amazing. They all said, it’s hair, it will grow back. You’d like that to happen sooner rather than later.…

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