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How to Conquer Dry Skin

Keeping skin healthy and radiant is especially challenging during the cooler and drier months of winter. The good news – it’s not impossible and we’ve got a few simple tips that will help you conquer the beast that is dry skin and keep yours glowing all year round!

Choose wisely – It might seem obvious to moisturize dry skin but what may not be so obvious is the importance of choosing the right moisturizer. Choose products containing ceramides or shea butter. These are not only great for hydrating dry skin, but they provide a protective barrier.

Second time’s the charm – Dermatologists typically recommend moisturizing once a day but in drier, cooler months, your skin needs an extra boost of moisture. Boosting your moisturizing regimen to twice a day will help keep skin looking more lush.

Skip the super-hot shower – This might sound impossible for those of us who crave a hot shower even more in the cooler weather. Limit your showers to 5 minutes where possible and keep your water lukewarm to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Learn to love humidity – You may not love humidity in the middle of summer when it’s the reason 80 degrees feels like 800, but in dry and cooler weather your skin can really benefit from the moisture humidity releases into the air. Plugging in an inexpensive humidifier to pump some extra moisture into the air and into your skin can be a beneficial boost of hydration.

Keep your lips loaded with lip balm – Nobody like chapped, dry lips, so be sure to keep your lips coated with a moisturizing lip balm that protects from the elements. Choose a hypoallergenic balm that has sunscreen for added protection. Remember, UV rays can cause damage in cooler weather too.

Enjoy all the fun and festive things the season brings! But do it with skin that feels good and looks even better! If you’re passionate about healthy skin and love helping people feel and look their best – you might be a great candidate for a career in Spa Therapies or Massage Therapy! Sunstate Academy is helping students get the hands-on training they need to work in the world of beauty and skincare. Contact one of our Sunstate Academy campuses today or visit our website to learn more about our programs. You can also schedule a tour  to visit our Fort Myers or Clearwater Campuses.