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New Year, New Do – Popular Hairstyles for 2019

“Out with the old, in with the new” is an appropriate saying for the holiday that inspires more change than any other. As you ponder what your New Year’s resolution will be this year, have some fun with it and resolve to try out some hot new hairstyles! If you’re wondering what the New Year will be bringing to the style table in 2019, wonder no more and check out the most popular hair trends getting ready to usher in a whole new you.

80’s ladies – 80’s hairstyles seem to reappear on heads everywhere more than just about any other decade! And why not? Who doesn’t love all that volume! Big rockstar blowouts and 80’s-inspired hair accessories will have you looking at your mom’s yearbook for inspiration.

No color is off limits – If you prefer extraordinary to ordinary, you’re in luck! The new year is still rocking multi-colored tips. We mean ANY color you feel like trying out! Funky and fresh blondes are sporting hot pink tips and brave brunettes are doing blue and even royal purple!

Chop-chop – 2019 has got something for everyone and the pixie-like chop in the back but longer in the front is super sassy and definitely here to stay awhile.

Pick your battles – Grab that pick for luscious, full, and naturally textured hair! Keeping it real – real natural, is hot and better yet, super easy to maintain.

Make-believe mermaid – We love it but not everyone can pull off long, thick mermaid like hair. That’s ok! 2019 will be bringing extensions to the masses so anyone can pull off that Disney Princess look!

Ring in the new year with a whole new style and have a little fun with it while you’re at it. If your version of fun is creating signature styles that rock, maybe you should explore a future in the world of beauty! If you’re intrigued, you should check out the Cosmetology program at Sunstate Academy. Sunstate Academy is helping students get the hands-on training they need for a chance to join the artists out there changing the world one hot hairstyle at a time! Call Sunstate today to learn more or visit our website to schedule a tour at either of our campus locations.