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Sunstate’s 1st ECPP Graduation!

Congrats Grads! On November 19th 2018, Sunstate Academy Fort Myers hosted its inaugural ECPP Graduation for its first graduating class. Sunstate Academy and the Ogburn School have teamed up to create an opportunity for individuals to get their high school diploma while attending cosmetology school. We are proud to announce that seven students had successfully completed the Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) and received their high school diplomas. The ECPP program helps students that may have had circumstances happen that prevented them from graduating high school. Students can work towards earning their high school diploma while also training for a new career. The Eligible Career Pathway Program allows students to get the most for their time at Sunstate Academy and upon completion of the program, the graduates seamlessly move into the school’s Cosmetology program and begin working toward their career goals.