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The Perfect Nails for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those holidays we want our style game strong for. So, whether your V-Day plan is a big night out or a quiet night in, finish off your look with a fun and fresh set of nails! Check out 5 of the hottest nail styles making hearts throb this year.

Sealed with a kiss

What screams romance more than a perfectly-placed pair of lips! This flirty look starts with a white, pink or red base polish. After the base coat, paint a pair of tiny lips in a different color.

Hugs and kisses

Or X’s and O’s for short! Draw a perfect little X and O in gold or silver glitter polish over a red or pink base, alternating with each finger.

Halfway there

If you already have almond shaped nails, this style uses the tip of your nail as the base of a heart. Draw the rest of the heart in red, stopping halfway up your nail over clear or white polish.

Be still my heart

You can never have too many hearts on V-Day! This super-cute look starts with a neutral or white base. Paint a delicate red or bright pink heart at the base of each nail bed.

The “L” word

What’s a better look for V-Day than LOVE spelled out across your nails? You can use a stencil to create super-fine, delicate letters in bold red over a white or pink base. Or for a flowery touch, draw your letters with tiny red or white rosebuds lined up in the shape of LOVE. Use your thumb nails for the perfect accent of a hand-drawn heart or matching bud.

Give yourself and your nails the V-Day treatment this year. After all, it’s all about sharing the love, right? Do you have a passion for creating gorgeous nail art all year round? Maybe you should check out the Nail Technician program at Sunstate Academy! Contact Sunstate today to learn more about joining artists making fingertips rock everywhere!