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Top Tips on How to Fight Mask Acne

Top Tips on How to Fight Mask Acne

With the current pandemic happening all across the world, it’s no surprise that “Maskne” or mask acne, has become a mainstream topic. Due to the frustration that maskne causes, AKA; breakouts on the chin, jaw line, nose, and even cheeks, masks have become a frenemy. If you’re someone who has to wear your mask for more than the amount of time it takes to go grocery shopping, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn some of our top tips on how to fight maskne. 

Rise and rinse

Washing your face in the morning is not a new thing for most people. But it still remains an important staple in your morning routine. Use your best cleanser with lukewarm to room temperature water every morning. Your skin will thank you for washing away any leftover dirt or make-up from the night before.

Prep is the next step

After washing your face, don’t forget your toner, moisturizer and of course, SPF! It doesn’t matter that half of your face is hidden by your mask, the other parts of your face are still going to be exposed to the harmful UV Rays that we experience in Florida.

Set to forget

If applying makeup under your mask, it’s crucial to start with a primer, particularly oil-free if you already have acne-prone or sensitive skin. Once primed and all of your makeup is applied, bring out your favorite setting spray before heading out the door, as this is a surefire way to help your makeup from smearing all over the inside of your mask.

Facial fun

Any esthetician recommends getting a facial at least once a month to help keep your skin in check. Facials can often be pricey at high-end spas but with a little trip to Amazon, you can purchase an at-home steamer and clay mask for a price that would make your budget happy. Don’t forget that we also offer budget friendly facial and spa services at Salon Solaris!

Pumpkin patch? More like pimple patch

There are some great over the counter products that can help fight acne, but have you tried pimple patches? That’s right, these patches are all the rage. Maybe not as fun as a pumpkin patch but they are definitely known for getting rid of that pesky pimple overnight. You can find these pimple patches at any local drugstore or online!

Your skin is your most valuable accessory, besides the mask that you wear, and since you can’t take it off, you might as well learn how to adjust and conquer. Maskne is never fun, but if you’re more than a little passionate about skincare, a career in cosmetology or esthetics could be right for you. Learn more about the programs at Sunstate Academy. We offer programs in Cosmetology, Spa Therapies and more. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a campus tour!