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Why Skin Tints Should Be Your New Favorite Product

Why Skin Tints Should Be Your New Favorite Product

There’s no question that foundation is a must-have in your makeup kit. After all, it can hide blemishes and fine lines like no other product.But what about those summer days and nights that are just too hot to handle? Or the days where you don’t feel like putting on that full face of makeup but still want something that gives you a radiant glow? Well, we’ve got you covered, or your face anyway, with the latest trend in foundation.Take a look at why skin tints should be your new favorite product for facing the day.

What’s the difference between skin tints and foundation?

When all is said and applied, it comes down to the amount of coverage provided by each product. Skin tints contain less pigment than foundation and won’t completely cover blemishes or fine lines. So when you don’t always need that coverage, less can definitely more.

Why you should use skin tints:

Quick and easy – If you’re a newbie to the makeup scene, this is the perfect place to start since it’s so easy to apply. Skin tint is packed with moisturizer depending on which brand you get. So instead of applying moisturizer and waiting for it to dry before applying your foundation, you’re ready in one step!

SPF protection Sunscreen is a must. But why apply yet another product if your skin tint has not only moisturizer, but the right SPF too? Talk about a multi-purpose product!

Your skin can breathe If your skin is prone to acne, skin tints can be beneficial because of how light-weight they are. Your pores can actually breathe, in turn helping your skin in the reduction of breakouts.

Light as a feather One place we don’t want cake, is on our face. A lot of foundations can get caked up after a while, leaving your skin looking dull and tired. Skin tints are way more light weight than foundation and will leave your skin looking naturally radiant.

Perfect balance – We already mentioned sunscreen and moisturizer but wait – there’s more! You can choose a skin tint that has all of the above plus essential vitamins like vitamin C and E. It really is a product that has the perfect balance of all the things your skin needs, no matter what your skin type is.

If this blog didn’t convince you to go to your nearest drugstore and give skin tints a try, then we don’t know what will! If you’re one of those people who is all about skincare and makeup, maybe you should give a career in cosmetology a try. If you’d like to learn more about an industry that’s all about helping other people look and feel great, then check out the Cosmetology Program at Sunstate Academy. Sunstate is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to become licensed cosmetologists. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a campus tour.